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Please, come in & browse our full range of music boxes by clicking on the links above & below to discover our enchanting range.

Welcome to our Music Box Shop

Any one of our traditional music boxes will make perfect music gifts for your special occasion. Our exquisite selection of music boxes include enchanting children's music boxes, girls musical jewellery boxes with twirling ballerina and fairies and unique musical treasure boxes with story book & nursery rhyme themes that make ideal gifts for boys & girls. The luxury hand crafted musical jewellery boxes in a range of woods & veneers with only hand made inlaid boxes are the ultimate decorative & collectible jewellery box and make a wonderful memorable gift. The melodious sounding luxury cylinder music boxes have larger spring wound music box movements to give a rich tone with longer musical melodies; the perfect gift that is sure to become an heirloom music box for the future.

Music Boxes, Musical Jewellery Boxes, Music Boxes For Girls & Boys, Musical Carousels, Cylinder Music Boxes & More !

Not forgetting our range of colourful collectible carousel music boxes with miniature horses that revolve as the music box plays and as a special gift the picture music boxes are delightful and perfect for Christening presents. The actual music box parts that are fitted into our own selection of music boxes are also available for fitting into your own made boxes.

Ordering online is easy, fast & secure and you can choose gift wrapping for most of our music boxes !

Music Boxes For Children, Children's Music Boxes, Ballerina Music Boxes, Musical Treasure Boxes

Children's Music Boxes, Ballerina Music Boxes
Gorgeous music boxes for children. Traditional girls musical jewellery boxes with twirling ballerina's & fairy figurines plus enchanted story book & nursery rhyme musical treasure boxes for both girls & boys. Ideal gift ideas for Christenings, Birthdays & Christmas!
click here to view our children's music boxes

Carousel Music Boxes, Musical Carousels

Carousel Music Boxes, Musical Carousels
Colourful & collectible musical carousels highly detailed and hand decorated. Usually wound by turning the carousel top, as the music box plays, the miniature horses gently go around the carousel. A beautiful music box gift idea that are always popular for christenings & other occasions.
click here to view our carousel music boxes

Musical Jewellery Boxes, Wooden Music Boxes, Jewellery Boxes

Traditional Wooden Musical Jewellery Boxes
A fine range of hand crafted musical jewellery boxes in a range of woods & veneers and hand cut inlaid marquetry designs. From small musical ring boxes to large luxurious jewellery boxes with Swiss musical movements. A perfect special occasion gift that is sure to be treasured for a lifetime.
click here to view our jewellery box range

Music Boxes with Pictured Lids, Picture Music Boxes,, Wooden Music Boxes

Music Boxes with Pictured Lids
These petite wooden music boxes are made from lime wood and each have a laminated picture on the lid. Open the box to play the music & actually see the musical movement under a clear cover as well as having a small area for rings & trinkets. A wonderful christening gift idea as well as other occasions.
click here to view our picture music boxes

Luxury Cylinder Music Boxes, Reuge Music Boxes, Swiss Music Boxes, Jobin Music Boxes

Traditional Cylinder Music Boxes
Traditional cylinder music boxes hand crafted with larger luxurious sounding musical movements. A real collectible music box that would be a unique memorable gift for your special occasion. These luxurious music boxes are sure to become an heirloom for the future.
click here to view our luxury cylinder music boxes

Music Box Parts, Musical Movements, Music Box Spares

Musical Movements, Parts for Music Boxes
Looking for a replacement music box part or want to make your own music boxes ? We have a selection of traditional spring wound & hand wound musical movements suitable for fitment into your own made music boxes. Available in a range of note sizes with many different tunes to choose from.
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Music Box & Musical Jewellery Box
Our music boxes & musical gifts include beautiful musical jewellery boxes, Swiss music boxes from famous names such as Reuge Music, plus some delightful music boxes for children with girls ballerina jewellery music boxes, picture music boxes, musical carousels, carousel music boxes and music box movements for making your own music boxes. We offer a gift wrapping service for the majority of our music boxes & gifts which can be delivered to your door world wide!
Music Box Shop
In 1796 Antoine Favre produced the first mechanical music box in Switzerland. A traditional music box with a revolving cylinder set with music pins that pluck at tuned musical teeth on a steel comb. Our traditional music boxes are based on the same principals used over 200 years of music box manufacture. Our wood inlaid music boxes and traditional cylinder music boxes make wonderful gift ideas for special ocassions. The music box movement is fitted into beautifully inlaid wooden boxes made to enhance the sound of the musical movement. A truly exquisite gift that will surely become an heirloom music box of the future.

MUSIC BOX LINKS Music Boxes - the perfect special occasion music gift

Music Box for Children

Baby Music Box

Carousels of Distinction Musical Carousels, Carousel Music Boxes, Snow Globes & Water Globes

Wood Musical Jewellery Box
Musical jewellery boxes made in a range of high quality woods. Traditionally crafted wooden music boxes inlaid woods. Large range of music choices.
Music Gifts, Music Box, Musical Gifts & Music Collectables
Musical gifts, music collectables, musical novelties & musical box paperweights with music movements.
Traditional Swiss Reuge Music Boxes, Jobin Music Boxes, Cylinder Music Boxes
Hand made traditional cylinder music boxes including Swiss names such as Reuge Music & Jobin Music. Luxurious wooden music boxes.
Ballerina Music Boxes, Girls Jewellery Boxes & Children's Music Boxes
Ballerina music boxes for girls & musical treasure boxes for boys. Musical jewellery boxes with a ballerina or fairy figurine that revolves to the music.
Wooden Music Boxes, Traditional Music Box, Picture Music Boxes
Traditionally music boxes with pictures. Open to play the music box & see the musical movement inside. Ideal for musical christening gift ideas & keepsake music boxes.
Carousel Music Boxes, Musical Carousels
Musical Carousels with traditional spring wound music movements. The musical carousels rotate as the music box plays.

Musical Jewellery Box
A gorgeous selection of the most beautiful wooden inlaid musical jewellery boxes hand crafted and veneered in a choice of rare woods like burr elm & walnut. The inlaid marquetry designs are created using age old techniques where tiny pieces of wood veneer are hand cut and stained in different colours and edges burnt for shadowing effect to create the picture. The design is then laminated to the wooden boxes and once finished, lacquered in either satin or gloss varnish. Each jewellery box is fitted with a traditional spring wound musical movement that plays delightful music. Any of these high quality musical jewellery boxes will make a perfect gift idea for your special occasion.

Music Boxes For Children
A gorgeous gallery of music boxes for children. Traditional girls musical jewellery boxes with twirling ballerina's & fairy figurines plus enchanted story book & nursery rhyme themed musical treasure boxes for both girls & boys. Ideal gift ideas for Christenings, Bridesmaids, Birthdays & Christmas!
At the bottom of the page is a choice selection of hand crafted wooden inlaid musical jewellery boxes which make a very special gift.

Luxury Cylinder Music Boxes
Beautiful, luxurious sounding music boxes made in the traditional way with ornate wooden boxes and larger, melodious sounding musical movements. Our luxury cylinder music boxes come with various size movements ranging from single tune Swiss 36 notes through to the superb sounding Swiss Reuge 3 tune 72 note movement. As the musical note size increases the musical content and performance is enhanced to give a truly prestigious sound from a music box that will surely become an heirloom of the future.

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A Music Box makes a Unique Christmas Gift Idea, Christening Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Birthday Gifts
and of course all other special occasions!

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